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Our robust platform has grown so much since 2017 when our company was founded. We’ve been lucky to have helped over 100,000 people during their search for a new home. You may find more information about us on the media coverages of distinct industry leaders mentioned below.



Just a year after our company was founded, co-founders Rodolfo Delgado and Maxwell Podolsky received a call from a Forbes representative - they were being interviewed as part of a nomination process to be on Fobers “30 Under 30.

A year later, CEO Rodolfo Delgado received a call with an invitation to be a Forbes Real Estate Council. Since then, Rodolfo has written monthly articles for Forbes, informing our clients of the latest market trends in residential real estate and technology.

You may find those articles here.

Inman News

Inman News is one of the most reliable sources of news for Real Estate Agents and Brokers in New York City.

This time, reporter and author Craig Rowe brought Replay Listings to the front page of Inman with an amazing review of our robust platform. You may check it out here if you’re an Inman subscriber, or see a preview of the article on this page.

Replay Listings has also been mentioned in Inman on article “7 property marketing trends that need to die in which Replay Listings is cited as a solution to create good listing videos that are transparent and show the property as it really is.

We’re very proud to have such a positive response from both real estate agents and renters as to the benefits of using our platform. We will continue to add new and better information so that you can find your next home more easily. As for agents, our objective is to continue adding tools that make your work more efficient. Thank you for trusting us!


Brick Underground


Brick Underground is arguably the most reliable source for people looking to rent a new home in New York. It provides useful tips and articles varying from the description of each neighborhood in New York to tips on negotiating your rent or decorating your apartment.

Brick Underground has written about Replay Listings on multiple occasions, most recently mentioning us as one of the go-to platforms in your search for the next home. You may read this article here


Writer Sarah Alderman from Techsling wrote an article after an interview with CEO Rodolfo Delgado, in which she expressed how at Replay Listings, we’ve been working to create a place where honesty is not assumed - it’s guaranteed.“In summary, the Replay Listings platform requires that all media and descriptions of any given property be 100% accurate and 100% specific to that exact property. The result is that users know what they’re getting long before visiting a property.

It’s a bold move in an industry that, for the most part, has been achingly slow to modernize and assure authenticity. During our conversation, Delgado had plenty to say about his work and how strongly he believes in the mission of his company.”

Read the full article here.




“The Fight For Honesty in Real Estate” is the title of the article written by Faizan Raza, on Hackernoon.

Raza writes from his experience looking for a rental apartment, highlighting how difficult it was to trust the content he saw online.

“In New York, the belly of the beast when it comes to difficult (and astronomically expensive) real estate markets, startup Replay Listings has pioneered a strict new model that emphasizes responsible listings and open lines of communication.”

Read the full article here.


Finding studio apartments in New York City is not easy. Artvoice released an article in which they elaborate on how to choose the right neighborhood, discussing also the differences between students finding their housing via their university versus renting an apartment outside the university.

“University-housing complexes are generally more expensive per ft2. They commonly offer spaces that are already furnished and even include WiFi and TVs, but the price you pay for that convenience is usually in the form of smaller spaces.”

Read the full article here.

We feel humbled and fortunate that our users like our platform so much that they are often the main contact between us and the media outlets. If you’d like to write about us, please feel free to reach us at or contact our CEO directly at
We’re looking forward to bring more transparency and honesty into the residential real estate industry, and providing real estate agents and brokers with the best tools to grow their business with a holistic and honest platform. See you there!

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